about us

The hemasi trading commercial –industrial company is a one with over 80 years experiences and professional acts, which produces and presents several kinds of pistachios, used in both national and international markets such as Iraq, Syria, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany and many other Asian and European countries, in the highest quality as well as the most convenient price. During the recent years, Hemasi trading company  has lunched innovations in the way of production, distribution, and particularly export methods, it can be considered as the distinguished difference of this company. As a point that can be noted in this regard, is that the company has been studying particular and public consumer’s testes & needs, inside and outside of the country (especially in the countries which have been known as the good pistachio consumers in the world), and produced the pistachios which could covered all their necessity needs and their demands. Based on this reason and for meeting the increasing, hygienic based demands of our customers, we have changed the traditional methods of pistachio processing; nowadays we are using the most sophisticated and safest processing methods to presenting an exceptional pistachio product to the world. Since the hygienic conditions and healthiness during plantation, maintenance, and harvest processes are playing the most important role in preparation of a perfect product with accordance of the world standards, our policies defined a clear way to eliminate the most part of infections, with using sophisticated and fully automated machinery from the beginning steps to the final packaging. Therefore, our company always tries the best to export products to the market, which can be able to meet the world’s up-to-date hygienic and quality standards.